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Here’s a Good Example of an Energy and Product Efficiency Involving Proactive Environmental Justice Commitment

  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions on a per-unit basis in the manufacturing process is one way of efficiently using less energy to make the same product.
  • Strategies for increasing efficiency vary across manufacturing sectors, but include replacing old equipment with newer, energy-saving models and using intelligent energy management systems to turn equipment down or off when it isn’t needed (such as some vehicles in the automotive industry where cars would shut off at a stop sign or traffic light and then start up again after taking your foot off the brake.)
  • A more efficient manufacturing sector will reduce overall costs of de-carbonization by requiring less low-Greenhouse Gas fuel or carbon capture deployment.  

proactive environmental management framework Implementation Offers Equalizing Solution to EPA Enforcement… It Also Means Changing of Mindset and Demonstration of Bold Leadership

  • It is anticipated that a proactive environmental framework will be met with some resistance at your company
  • But within a few months after the approach is implemented and stakeholders realize its many benefits, it is anticipated that many stakeholders will begin to accept most aspects of the initiative.
  • It is also anticipated that senior management will consider pursuing a proactive environmental management framework for one or more of the following reasons:
    1. The company is proactive, environmentally responsible or is being heavily scrutinized.
    2. The company set a goal of implementation to a proactive environmental framework.
    3. Some aspects of a proactive environmental effort is already in place that could be converted easily to the framework.
    4. The company wanted to gain recognition for its proactive environmental approach and leadership in your industry.
  • As a result, the company will be recognized for its proactive efforts and will win prestigious environmental and other industry merit awards.

Laying the Groundwork for Effective Environmental Management Implementation 

  • Using our approach, we will develop and help implement a comprehensive environmental management framework at your company or organization.
  • This framework will provide the mechanism to effectively comply with relevant environmental rules, legislation and policies while also anticipating and meeting evolving environmental performance expectations, obligations and cost-savings.
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